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The MOUNT EVEREST bathrobe is lovely for everyone in the family. The cut is elegant, flattering and simple, with a large collar and deep pockets – created for the ultimate comfort with its floor-length fabric cut. Designed by Mette Skjærbæk in 1999, this bathrobe has become quite a classic.

The Karmameju bathrobe looks equally beautiful on men and women. Functionality and quality are uncompromised and therefore the fleece bathrobe is also loved by children. It is soft, cozy and easy to move around in.

The Karmameju robe is not just a bathrobe or a dressing gown. Use your Karmameju robe on the beach, after ocean swimming in winter, in the public pool area, at the breakfast table, on the terrace, on the sofa with your favorite book, before bedtime, on cold mornings, during the weekend – and as a luxurious touch every day.